Fit After 35

Welcome to the best shape of your life. 

Our Fit After 35 program is designed to torch fat, build precious muscle, and regain long-lost energy, while sculpting a lean and athletic physique. 
Our team of experts will show you exactly how to boost your metabolism and reclaim the calorie-burning superpowers you once had as a teenager (the kind when you could eat almost anything and get away with it).


World-Class Coaching 

After 35 we can't just go into any gym and sling weights around expecting results. We need a dedicated fitness professional to guide and prescribe our routine. With our expert Coaches you will burn fat and build muscle faster than you did in your 20's. And you will have FUN while you do it.


Custom Meal Plan

The backbone of Fit After 35 is your very own custom macros and meal plan. You are told EXACTLY what to eat in order to hack your body's own fat burning machinery. Our Coaches check in with you once a week to keep you accountable and modify your plan as you change your body. 


Your Guided Routine

3-4 times a week your Coaches will guide you through workouts specifically designed for you. We will restore lost mobility and flexibility, get damn strong, and learn new skills that immediately transfer over to real life. This is how we not only "deal" with ageing, we THRIVE. 

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“I have met amazing friends, experienced countless positive moments, and gotten in the best shape of my life. The programming is by FAR the best of any gym I have ever been to. I look forward to continuing on this journey for many, many years."

— Joe Maniscalco

75 years young and not slowing down any time soon!

- Tim Burke
"At this stage of my life this is just what I need to push myself physically and mentally. This program allows me to learn new skills as well as modify any workout to fit my personal goals. At 51 I can honestly say that I am in the best shape of my life."

— Josefina Gallardo-Salguero